Wednesday, August 17, 2005

For those visiting this blog

Gente, a ver! Nos hemos dado cuenta de que han entrado personas de varios rincones de la galaxia. PERO no hay NINGUN mensaje. No quiero sonar mandón o nada pero VAMOS!!! Dennos algo de feedback! Les gusta? No les gusta? EEEEH!? Que onda? Buenas noches, muchas gracias!

Ok people! We have noticed that there's a lot a people visiting us from many places around the word. BUT there are NO messages. Now, I don't want to sound bossy or anything but C'MON!!! Give us some feedback! You like it? You don't like it? EEEEH!? Like we say here in Boro: thank you very mooch, mates!


Angel! said...

Best cities in the world and you missed out on Montréal?!...

I get readers from all over the planet too on my blog and I'd say that only 5% of them leave comments, sadly.

I speak both French and English but I must admit that I'm a bit confused about in which language you'll decide to blog. Maybe it's the reason why people didn't leave you comments.

Enjoy blogging, it's fun!

The Mighty Bear said...

Hi Big Daddy, greetings from BA! Hey, you should release some comic book with your stories, they´re hilarious!! Is there going to be a new story every day?? I can pay you!!! (don´t you even think about it, just kidding)
Party on!!! (have one Guinness for me) See ya!

Largo LaGrande said...

it's me, the drunken swiss guy. had a great evening yesterday and try now to cure a faint hangover with some internet. there I am. writing some crap, since you seem to need anything on this page :-)
no, seriously, pretty cool. especially, the cartoons. man, you're good. is it cause of the guiness? hi hi, see you around and have fun in boro, ed.
for the german speaking dudes, have a look at this:

Zapallo Zoom said...

"Largo LaGrande"... c'mon. All the kudows for the cartoons go to Rod actually, he's the artist... I only do stupid things so he has some material. Hehehhhe. But I reckon you knew that, and that cheeky comment about the Guinness was for him and not me. :)

Cheers to you and the rest too.

-- Ed.