Monday, August 15, 2005

First post... Ruuuu

So, here we are, writing our very first post. It's 00:45 and we just saw "Bowling for Columbine" in the notebook ('cos has widescreen) We're in a very important crossroad in our lifes. Both Ed and I are trying to ...

Ok this is Ed taking control of the keyboard (Rod's a bit spastic at the moment). Yes, we're both a an important crossraod in our lives, trying to find our places in this crazy world of ours (literally!). Now were will it be? We aim at the best cities in the world: Paris, London (only for me Ed), Dublin, and that kinda places. Scary, challenging and adrenaline-pumping at the same time.

Rod here - Thing is that at this moment we're living in this dead boring town called Middlesbrough in the north east of england, and we want to run away as far as possible from here. We're having some pints of Guinnes and listening to Divididos "Spaguetti del Rock" and we're in that particulary point of the night that you get surronded of all those mixed emotions of melancholy, doubtfulness, sancamarisación and drunkness. So...

Ed's back. So much for an introduction. We'll do some guitar playing now, good thing you can't listen to us while we destroy some Dividido's songs. So check back soon, we'll do our best to keep you amused. Ruuuu!!!

-- Ed, Rod, and the Holy Spirit, say goodbye!!!

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MaRiCiEl y JuAn said...

Hola!!! Ro,Fred y Edgard
Me encanta el blog y sigan igual que hasta ahora y monstrando las cosas ricas que estan comiendo y los descubrimientos.
Desde la Argentina tus tios Mariciel y Juan, Rodrigo te deseamos lo mejor y mucho AMORRR!, diversion, trabajo y cuidados por esos pagos. Te queremos un monton, besitos abuuuurrrrrrrr!!!!!!!y chauuucha hasta la proxima....!!!EXITOS LABORALES!!! Me olvidaba besitos al Patito de viajes.