Monday, August 29, 2005

I had a Ford Galaxy... far far away!

For those of you people who -like me- are star wars fans, you might find this little video quite funny...!!! And of course, "It's funny because it's true".

May the force be with y'all dudes and dudettes,

-- Ed.
Rod's latest creation from Dublin: "untitled" (as usual).
Dedicated to all you cartoon lovers. Sweet, uh?

Friday, August 19, 2005

3 very important messages! | 3 mensajes muy importantes!

1. Regarding the language of the posts: as cendrine pointed out, we might have consufed our loyal fans by posting in Spanish, English and French. So here's what we'll do: no more French unless necessary (our French is crap anyays), posts will be mostly in English and ocasionaly, Spanish. For example, this one.

2. Regarding the comics: Rod has left M'boro (lucky bastard) and is now relocating in Dublin (lucky bastard). So for a while there will be no strips... I know that's 75% of what's interesting in here but you'll just have to bear with me (Ed) for a little while. He'll be back soon... I promise...

3. Meanwhile, here's a link to my favourite online cartoon: Foamy the squirrel. Some of you might think that I have a sick mind, which I don't mind because it's true anyways. Ruuu. You can find all episodes (even those taken out of the official site) here.

1. Sobre el idioma de los mensajes: como cendrine bien señala, hemos confundido a nuestros leales fans posteando en español, inglés y francés. Así que a partir de ahora: no más francés a no ser que sea necesario (igual nuestro francés es de quinta), los mensajes salen en inglés y ocasionalmente español. Por ejemplo, este.

2. Acerca de los comics: Rod se fue de M'boro (suerte la de él) y se está reacomodando en Dublin (suerte la de él). Así que por un tiempito, no habrán comics... Ya sé que eso es el 75% de lo "interesante" acá pero bueh, tendrán que aguantarme a mí (Ed) por un tiempito. Vuelve prontito, no se me desesperen...

3. Mientras tanto, acá les va un link a mi comic online favorito: Foamy la ardilla. Ya sé que algunos van a pensar que estoy enfermito, lo cual no me molesta porque es cierto. Ruuu. Todos los episodios (incluso los que se sacaron del sitio oficial) se pueden ver acá.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

For those visiting this blog

Gente, a ver! Nos hemos dado cuenta de que han entrado personas de varios rincones de la galaxia. PERO no hay NINGUN mensaje. No quiero sonar mandón o nada pero VAMOS!!! Dennos algo de feedback! Les gusta? No les gusta? EEEEH!? Que onda? Buenas noches, muchas gracias!

Ok people! We have noticed that there's a lot a people visiting us from many places around the word. BUT there are NO messages. Now, I don't want to sound bossy or anything but C'MON!!! Give us some feedback! You like it? You don't like it? EEEEH!? Like we say here in Boro: thank you very mooch, mates!

It's Funny Because It's True

To see the English version, click here.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Hacé click en la imagen para verla a tamaño completo.
To see the English version, click here.

La petite Frederique

Elle es la petite Frederique, une amie très sympa et mignone que J'ai rencontré a París...

Fred, j'esperes que tu êtes bonne avec Luna, et tu la prends a beaucoup de fêtes :)


NO VAYAN A VER "LA ISLA" - que película de mierda, por Dió!

DON'T GO WATCH "THE ISLAND" - what a shitty movie, goddamit!

PARLEZ-VOUS FRANÇAIS? N'ALLEZ PAS VOIR "L'ISLE" - quelle merde de pelicule, mondieu!

... los matamos con esa eh! Trilingüe!

Luna & Paris

She wants to live there too!

(Luna, where are you? We miss you and hope you're having fun and being treated as a lady)

Luna está del marote. El perro está enfermo. Nous sommes amoureux de Paris. Mignon! Oh-la-la, j'adore la ville des lumiers.

Monday, August 15, 2005

First post... Ruuuu

So, here we are, writing our very first post. It's 00:45 and we just saw "Bowling for Columbine" in the notebook ('cos has widescreen) We're in a very important crossroad in our lifes. Both Ed and I are trying to ...

Ok this is Ed taking control of the keyboard (Rod's a bit spastic at the moment). Yes, we're both a an important crossraod in our lives, trying to find our places in this crazy world of ours (literally!). Now were will it be? We aim at the best cities in the world: Paris, London (only for me Ed), Dublin, and that kinda places. Scary, challenging and adrenaline-pumping at the same time.

Rod here - Thing is that at this moment we're living in this dead boring town called Middlesbrough in the north east of england, and we want to run away as far as possible from here. We're having some pints of Guinnes and listening to Divididos "Spaguetti del Rock" and we're in that particulary point of the night that you get surronded of all those mixed emotions of melancholy, doubtfulness, sancamarisación and drunkness. So...

Ed's back. So much for an introduction. We'll do some guitar playing now, good thing you can't listen to us while we destroy some Dividido's songs. So check back soon, we'll do our best to keep you amused. Ruuuu!!!

-- Ed, Rod, and the Holy Spirit, say goodbye!!!